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The success of one or another company or the product depends on the ability to find the right solution to use at the right time. Let’s face the situation and find the answer! First consultation FREE!


Writing texts nowadays requires high standards. Texts for web should correspond to SEO requirements as well as be written in short and comprehensive form. Content is the king – on the other hand. Good texts help to sell. I have journalism and marketing background so put me in charge of your texts and I’ll make them perfect!


Product or the service – it doesn’t matter. Even in the toughest environment you can be successful. The key is to find strengths to concentrate on and then just keep rolling!

Ask me for consultations on:

– marketing plan;
– marketing budget planning;
– calculate return on the investment (ROI) in different marketing channels;
– writing and preparing effective texts to attract customers in different advertising materials as well as social media profiles.


Traditional media and social media – two channels that should be covered in your successful campaign. Use them smart and you won’t have to invest much money. But you’ll like the outcome!

Ask me for consultations on:

– building media strategy;
– where and how to find your customer;
– where to say what – different communication messages to different public;
– communication in traditional media (PR);
– using social media.


Everything is about the creative idea. Consultations on:

– how to use the interest from clients in a right way;
– different marketing strategies;
– traditional advertising methods;
– creating and promoting web page.


Solution can be found also in seminars. It’s a good option to compare theory with the practice and find the best solution through discussions. I’m expert in following topics:

– how to promote the product in the market?
– different types of marketing and its costs;
– success to communication with your business partner and customer;
– advertising and it’s role in successful promotion;
– how to calculate return on investments in advertising?
– using social media to efficiently promote product or service.

Private consultations

If you have the project to develop and you want to work on marketing strategy on your own, hire me as your private consultant. The content of consultations is going to be based on your project status. It is excelent option to test theory in practice!

Exciting results


Ingunas Minusas Volejbola skola

Content, texts, design

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saulkrasti jazz

Saulkrasti Jazz Festival

Redesigning of the web page

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Merchandising service site

Site design + content

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Latvian Association for Marketing Proffessionals

Latvian Association of Marketing Professionals

Web site design + content + current news update

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Web page design

Project The White Night

Web page for the project “The White Night”. It is a contemporary urban culture forum in Riga — one night in the year when the citizens are encouraged to experience a state of creative wakefulness, which will alter archaic notions of the environment and its cultural life.

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bember v02

Web page for the local business.

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Web page design

Web site for the local compant – as simply as that.

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